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Artist Kylie Mackay in Studio
an image of artist kylie Mackay when she was approx 7 yo and had just won a local draw your butcher art competition

My first art prize

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, or want to capture a fleeting moment of time, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Kylie Mackay, an artist living in the leafy suburb of Botanic Ridge, south-east of Melbourne. After 30 years working as a graphic artist, I now focus my creative talents on realistic portraits using the time-honored traditions of the old masters. 

The timeless nature of realistic portraits makes them perfect family heirlooms. My detailed work ensures that the portrait maintains its relevance and emotional impact over the years, becoming a cherished piece of your family history. From creating portraits of toddlers to seeing them return as teens, it’s a privilege to witness the growth of your family. My realistic portraits have the power to capture and convey their true essence, emotions, and personality. This fosters a deeper emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork. 

If you’re looking to memorialize a loved one or a special moment, the detailed and lifelike quality of my realism ensures that their memory is preserved accurately and beautifully, allowing future generations to connect with the past. My portraits tell your family’s story through visual nuances—capturing a glance, the texture of a garment, or the twinkle of an eye. These details contribute to a narrative depth that goes beyond the surface, offering insights into the sitter’s life or character.

If you’re seeking a commission for professional reasons, realism offers a polished and dignified representation, suitable for public or corporate display. After completing dozens of portraits in oil and other archival materials, I know that what matters to you is capturing their personality and dignity.

To secure a spot on my commission list, email me at Contact@kyliemackay.com.au to book your photoshoot or send me the photo you have in mind.




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